Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A look at Gladiator Beast Tech

I'm an avid Gladiator Beast player, that I can't deny. For the deck to evolve I've found that the most important piece to the puzzle is the 1900 beater Normal Monster Andal. This card is a house right now. Against Anti-Meta it knocks heads with tough to kill monsters Doomcaliber Knight and Thunder King Rai-Oh and can kill a Legendary Jujitsu Master. Against Flamvell it can bump heads with a Flamvell Dog, run over Arkus the Lightsworn Druid or Super Mega Hamster.

The fact it can be recycled into more positive card advantage off an Equeste is just insane. This card is impossible to kill without investing a card first, like Book of Moon or Enemy Controller. Against Blackwings it can run over a Shura and force them to either waste a Kalut or a defensive trap. The card is so good right now I run two along with 3 Proving Ground just to ensure I can have one whenever I need one. If your running Gladiators I would definitely pack one of these main board, you won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

Hi,im interested in your posts but can I also post? is there a way for me to do it al help you posting some?
Im not such as a championship duelist but i also have my tricks

Spartacus said...

Those are both good questions. As you can tell I haven't posted anything on this blog in like 4 months, and it would be nice for someone else to post on it once in a while. However, the reason I haven't posted is because I've been making the transition over to Magic the Gathering. I appreciate the comment but I was actually planning on shutting down this blog. Remember, you can always start up you own blog, and write your own articles or tips like I did!

yugioh4play said...

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